BC Machinery & CHINA (NANAN) SHUITOU International Stone Fair: A dazzling debut of two flagship series of products

Release Date:2023-11-01 10:46


In the bustling and promising world of stones, only change is constant. The 23rd CHINA (NANAN) SHUITOU International Stone Fair is scheduled to be held from November 8 to November 11, 2023. After 23 years of development, the Shuitou Stone Fair has become one of the most valuable stone professional exhibitions globally, showcasing the charm of Nan'an and the splendor of the stone industry.



BC Machinery closely follows the theme of this year's Shuitou Stone Fair, 'Stone Future, New Shuitou,' showcasing its two flagship products: the GM-75D tracked wire saw machine and the GSA90-1XO hydraulic drilling rig at Booth H2-1. During the exhibition, they have garnered significant orders from many partners, including Hongxin Yuan Mining and Phantom Gray Mine. By focusing on global interest and attention, BC Machinery is able to drive and lead the transformative growth in the industry.


BC Machinery product series


BC Machinery, as a professional machinery manufacturer originating from the mining industry, is backed by its parent company, Best Cheer Group. With over 100 on-site mining test fields globally, BC Machinery leverages practical experience and research capabilities to address industry pain points and achieve breakthrough innovations. They have created four core product series for stone quarrying equipment, rock drilling equipment, loading equipment, and container bulk cargo logistics equipment. BC Machinery has made significant contributions to the mechanized development of the stone quarrying and bulk cargo logistics industries.


BC Machinery wire saw machines in practical applications in mines


BC Machinery GM-75D Tracked Wire Saw Machine


GM-75D Tracked Wire Saw Machine: Used for cutting decorative stone in mines and for cutting and dismantling reinforced concrete structures


The GM-75D Tracked Wire Saw Machine can be operated using long-range wireless remote control and can also be connected to internet platforms for remote control, making it a must-have model for smart mines.

The machine is equipped with maintenance-free reduction gears throughout, reducing maintenance costs. By utilizing permanent magnet synchronous motors, the machine can increase operational efficiency by around 20% and reduce electricity costs by approximately 20%.

The machine features electrically-driven head movement and rotation, along with photoelectric proximity switches for limit protection, ensuring it can operate normally even in harsh conditions. The dedicated variable frequency integrated unit ensures constant torque output across the full frequency range. Equipped with self-contained crawler walking function, the machine allows for the swift and easy interchange of workstations as needed.


BC Machinery GSA90-1XO


GSA90-1XO hydraulic drilling rig: used for rock blasting drilling and decomposing drilling of decorative stone mines or rough stone materials


The overall design of the machine is scientific based, adopting a motorized collapsible boom drill structure design for convenient maneuvering and transportation; it can facilitate multidimensional operations without any dead angles, with the entire machine/boom/drill capable of 360°rotations. With the independently developed BCY-90 hydraulic rock drill, it has high drilling efficiency and a long service life. Utilizing a permanent magnet synchronous motor, it increases operational efficiency by around 20% and reduces electricity costs by about 20%.

The GSA90-1XO is equipped with a built-in air compressor for the air supply system to effectively meet the needs of drilling and dust removal. It features an extra-large radiator, ensuring stable long-term operations in a 40 environment. The engine and air compressor share a large dual-stage air filter for dry and wet conditions, ensuring the equipment runs smoothly in high-dust environments, and the machine includes a built-in vacuum cleaner to reduce dust hazards.


Clients for BC Machinery products include Phantom Gray Mine Master and Hongxin Yuan Mining Industry


BC Machinery's two flagship product series developed independently have continuously garnered attention and acclaim since their launch. Relying on the mechanization of the entire mining process, BC Machinery adheres to the principles of safe, green, and high-quality mining development, vigorously promoting the transformation and upgrading of mines, thereby forming an intelligent mining system. Choosing BC Machinery enables the realization of a new type of mine development model that mechanizes and intelligently replaces human labor, ensuring essential safety in production. We look forward to working together with you to explore a brighter future in intelligent mining!