BC Stone & Xiamen Stone Fair | Perfect Closing! Thirty years towards new beginnings, collaborating hand in hand to continue the great undertaking!

Release Date:2024-03-19 17:36

From March 16th to 19th, the four-day Xiamen Stone Fair ended successfully. As a leading enterprise in the stone industry, BC Stone showcased its own new mine products, new machinery, stone crafts, and more during the exhibition, with forums and other exciting on-site activities, as we embark together to create a great and brilliant future in the stone industry!



During the exhibition, the BC Stone mineral exhibition area attracted a steady stream of visitors nonstop and also drew the attention of numerous design celebrities. Varieties such as Namib Bianco/ Oyster White/Bianco Palomino from BC Stone in Namibia illuminate their excellent quality and clear textures, greatly impressing all who see them.


BC Stone's own mineral exhibition area


Liang Zhitian at the BC Stone exhibition


BC Stone's new Namibian mineral "Verde Fantasy"


In 2024, BC Stone's new Namibian mineral "Verde Fantasy/Fendi White"  has also created a focal interest, bringing more choices and possibilities to the market.


Zeng Jianlong at the BC Stone exhibition


Meng Ye at the BC Stone exhibition


BC Stone x Zeng Jianlong custom furniture


The customized stone furniture and exquisite crafts showcased at the BC exhibition present another highlight. Designed by Mr. Zeng Jianlong, the exquisite stone furniture resembles pieces of art, showcasing the infinite possibilities of stone in home deco and craftsmanship.


BC Stone craftsmanship exhibition area


Additionally, the Koville stone craftsmanship products under BC Stone have also captivated participants, prompting them to linger on and admire them. Bringing stone into home living, Koville has set a new benchmark for stone aesthetics.


The inaugural roundtable discussion hosted by BC Stone


From March 16th to 18th, we hosted three stone industry sharing summits, covering topics such as the advantages of BC Stone's proprietary mines, future trends in new building materials, and a trade fair for BC's stone craftsmanship products. The events provided invaluable insights and learning opportunities for all participants.


BC Stone New Building Materials Exchange Conference


At the BC Stone KOVILLE Stone Craftsmanship Merchandising Summit, we made a remarkable entry into the new retail sector of stone craftsmanship products, seizing a new opportunity in the industry. We are actively seeking partnerships and are looking forward to collaborating with you for mutual success.


BC Stone KOVILLE Stone Craftsmanship Merchandising Conference


At the same time, BC Stone, as an industry representative, also participated in the international media meet-and-greet at this stone exhibition, showcasing China's stone enterprises' innovative capabilities and international influence to the world.


The International Media Meet-and-Greet

BC Machinery New Product Launch Event


Focusing on the launch of new products from BC Machinery and the BC Namibia's New Mine, we are hosting two major forums and press conferences to showcase BC Machinery's cutting-edge technological innovations and the 2024 BC Namibia's new quarry – Verde Fanstasy/Fendi White.


BC Machinery External Exhibition


We are also hosting two external exhibitions featuring BC Machinery and BC's proprietary mines, inviting all guests to get up close and personal with our machinery equipment and stone materials.


BC's Own Quarry External Exhibition



BC Stone's 30th Anniversary Celebration


On the evening of March 17th, the grand BC Stone's 30th Anniversary Celebration took place at the W Hotel in Xiamen. Guests streamed in continuously, joining us to celebrate this unforgettable moment together.


Namib Bianco Coaster Signature Wall


At the celebration venue, we creatively set up a Namib Bianco Coaster Signature Wall, where every guest could leave their signature on the Namib Bianco as a memento. This unique commemorative act added a special touch to BC Stone's 30th anniversary celebration.


BC Stone Craft - Aromatherapy Candle Souvenir

There are also souvenirs available on site, where each guest can receive a Gaoshi Stone Craft  Aromatherapy Candle souvenir. We hope to preserve this joyful moment and share the goodness with everyone.



The successful conclusion of this BC Stone exhibition must acknowledge all friends for their attention and companionship over the past 30 years. Looking towards the future, the stone industry will continue to flourish, displaying an increasingly diverse and innovative trend. With our joint efforts, we believe BC Stone and the entire stone industry will welcome a brighter tomorrow! Let's meet again at the Xiamen Stone Fair in 2025!