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Job Position

Fearless of Challenges /

In order to pay attention to the growth of talents, Best Cheer Group puts forward the talent concept mainly based on "organization, culture and talents"

The development of an enterprise requires efficient organizational capabilities and the strength of every team. It is important to establish the correct core values in the corporate culture and create a high-quality environment for value sharing with employees. It is necessary to nurture the innovative mindset and abilities of talented individuals and provide a broad development platform for each talent.

Pursue excellence

Be pragmatic and daring.

Always Innovative

Embrace diversity and compatibility.

hourly rate


Basic salary

Industry competitive base salary

Welfare system

Five social insurances and one housing fund, paid annual leave

Year-end incentive

Year-end bonuses, diversity-specific bonuses

Life in BC


Welfare services

Company-owned restaurants, apartments enjoy exclusive employee discounts, overtime taxi subsidies

Employee Activities

Afternoon tea, team building activities, holiday activities, birthday parties, weekly sports activities

Customized benefits

Flexible work time, annual medical checkup, holiday packages, birthday gifts, anniversary souvenirs