BC STONE & Xiamen Stone Fair | Brilliant Grand Finale! Resonating and Embracing Coexistence!

Release Date:2023-06-29 18:51


From June 5th to June 8th, 2023, the Xiamen Stone Fair concluded after four days of successful events. From the "Boundary Breaking" in 2022 to the "Resonance" in 2023, BC has consistently showcased tremendous innovation and breakthroughs at the Xiamen Stone Fair each year. This year, we presented a diverse brand portfolio and showcased our offerings in a dual exhibition (Booth number: C5018/W005). Our exhibits included natural stone, natural stone handicrafts, engineered stone, slate, SPC, and other products. Each piece of natural stone and handicraft was sourced from BC's own quarries, while each engineered stone, slate, and SPC product came from BC's production and processing base. As a global mega-scale stone conglomerate, BC STONE provides the best-integrated stone solutions and specialized material supplies.


BC, for a better life.


1. Two Major Signing Ceremonies: A Strong Alliance Witnessing a Splendid Moment
BC and Samsung C&T Corporation join forces once again! Samsung C&T Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company, and BC STONE, a global leader in the stone industry, have renewed their global partnership agreement (GPA).

Since 2013, BC and Samsung C&T have maintained a friendly cooperation for a decade. During this renewal ceremony, both parties announced their commitment to establish a strategic partnership aimed at promoting the development and innovation of the stone industry. Through this strong alliance, cooperation, and mutual benefit, we will create a better future together!





BC X Samsung C&T Signing Ceremony Event


On June 16th, the signing ceremony between BC and Xinhu Real Estate ended successfully.
This signing will further deepen the cooperative relationship between the two parties, broaden the business scope, achieve complementary advantages, and create a more solid foundation for each other's development and prosperity.We will always uphold the spirit of openness, cooperation and innovation, and look forward to moving forward side by side with Xinhu Real Estate to create brilliance!


2. BC  x  INTERNI Design Era: Straight to the Hot Spot of the Exhibition

At 10:00 on June 6th,  Kaiser, Deputy General Manager of BC STONE Group, was invited by INTERNI Design Times to introduce all the brands and products displayed at BC booth in detail again, and further reveal the story behind BC's "resonance".



Kaiser is frequently interviewed by INTERNI Design Times media


3. Three Major BC Forums: Engaging Opening

BC STONE was invited to attend the "2023 Xiamen Release" – a new product launch conference, and the three major BC forums were warmly held in the "W Forum Area".



BC Namibia New Quarries Press Conference


BC Namibia New Mine Conference forum will share with you three new stones of BC Namibia mines: Royal White Jade, Picasso, and Cold Jade. The three natural marbles contain powerful natural energy, showing the infinite vitality of natural stone.

BC Machinery forum introduced the application of BC Machinery and stone mining equipment in domestic mines. In terms of the entire "mechanized mining" and "intelligent mining" process, BC Machinery has successfully explored with remarkable results.

ROVER HOME press conference forum showed BC's innovative achievements in the field of artificial stone, endlessly reshaping, regenerating  and exploring more material possibilities. The three major forums of BC have achieved complete success, providing a platform to promote knowledge exchange and sharing within the stone industry, bringing more inspiration and opportunities to participants.


4. "Hello! Friends" of BC Night

On June 6th, we hosted a gala dinner called "BC Night" at W hotel in Xiamen, which was a special time to reunite with friends and celebrate our first reunion after three years.



BC Night Banquet site


At the dinner, we shared BC's unremitting efforts to promote the development of the stone industry in the past three years of the epidemic, and also posited promising and hopeful prospects on the future of the stone industry.



" Moon" Glowing coaster


Every guest in attendance can receive our exquisite souvenir——the Moon(LED Bar Coaster), made from the rare marble Namib Bianco from Namibia. Each "Moon" has a different natural stone pattern, and the texture feels as warm as jade.


The three level orange light touch control is adjustable, and when the light is on, the purity, transparency, and whiteness of Namib Bianco become more apparent. Through this rare event opportunity as reflected by the memento, we have established deeper friendships with our friends.


Accompanied by cheerful music and delicious food, we spent an unforgettable night, leaving behind many precious and beautiful memories.


5.  Be Refreshed and Feel the Resonance Frequency of All Things

At this year's stone exhibition, we welcomed merchants and professionals from all over the world, with an endless stream of visitors.



Hong Kong Yunshi Chamber of Commerce visited the BC booth



Hong Kong Yunshi Chamber of Commerce visited the BC booth


The three natural precious marbles from BC-owned Namibian mine mainly promoted at the exhibition site Namib Bianco, Oyster White, Bianco Palomino as well as the Oriental Calacatta series from BC Sichuan Baoxing's own mine won praise from the exhibitors.

The exhibition site was full of explosive enthusiasm igniting creative sparks, where the themes of each exhibition area resonated with the exhibitors, and where our home-brand Koville attracted strong onlookers. Whether it was natural stone, artificial stone, slate, SPC and other products displayed on site, or the sharing of industry cutting-edge trends and innovative thinking, we unanimously felt the vitality and potential of the stone industry through our mutual discussion and exchange. With diverse stone materials and resonant brands forming a symbiosis, BC STONE will usher in a more brilliant future!


6.  BC STONE  x  Xiamen Stone Exhibition: We are not bidding goodbye!
At this exhibition, we are fortunate to welcome several distinguished guests from afar. We are grateful for everyone's enthusiastic attention and hard work, and we are honored that the success of the exhibition is inseparable from your support and companionship, giving us full of confidence in the future of the high-end fossil market and the overall development prospects of the stone industry.




BC STONE X Xiamen Stone Exhibition, 2024.3.16-19, until we meet again!