Best Cheer Group's Corporate Social Responsibility | Best Cheer Group attends and supports charity events, forging ahead with its Corporate Social Responsibility!

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On November 23rd, a charity concert titled "Voices for Love" was held at the Guangzhou Grand Theatre, spreading warmth. Thousands of caring individuals attended the event, using love as their strength to sing and dance for love.On November 23rd, a charity concert titled "Voices for Love" was held at the Guangzhou Grand Theatre. Thousands of caring individuals attended the event, spreading warmth as they sing and dance for the event.


In this event organized by the WB Children's Welfare Foundation with the theme "side by side", Best Cheer Group provided strong support, with Gao Yumin, the Executive Director of Best Cheer Group, and Gao Ruoyu, the General Manager of Best Cheer Group, attending the event, all moving forward together with love!



Best Cheer Group in a group photo with the WB Foundation Council.


The WB Children's Welfare Foundation is a well-known charity organization in Guangzhou, focusing on orphaned, underprivileged, disabled, and disadvantaged children. Best Cheer Group, as a long-term philanthropic partner, has been actively involved in various charitable activities, particularly with a focus on critically ill children and children of migrant workers.



Best Cheer Group's Honor Plaque


Best Cheer Group was founded in 1988 and has steadily developed over the past 35 years. It has now formed three core industry sectors: real estate, finance, and stone materials. Its business covers various fields such as real estate, finance, new building materials, logistics, and environmental protection. As a large business setup, we are deeply aware of our social responsibility and hold on to a mission in the mutual development for all.

In addition to actively participating in social welfare activities, in 2010, Best Cheer Group's subsidiary, BC Stone, began investing in Namibia in Africa. In the footsteps of China-Africa cooperation, BC Stone, as a representative of the stone industry, has set an example for mutual development.

At the China-Africa Cooperation Forum Summit in 2018, Gao Zhonglin, Chairman of Best Cheer Group, shared: Investing in Africa, developing Africa, or purchasing stone products from Africa, are all contributions to Africa's development and to Sino-African friendship. At the same time, Best Cheer Group has also created many employment opportunities for Africa, enabling African women who have difficulty finding employment to create more social value.





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Never forgetting our root ambitions, we continue to forge ahead. Best Cheer Group will always set off with the vision of a better life, being people-centric, promoting mutual development, and focusing on dedication, pragmatism, exploration, and innovation. In the spirit of entrepreneurial craftsmanship with social responsibility, let's move forward together with love!