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Development History

  • 2014

    formally marked the 20-year anniversary of Best Cheer Stone Group; the people at Best Cheer, upholding the standards of excellence, has earned the trust and support of 50 million customers worldwide and accomplished the great deal of success of today. “Shared the success of 20 years, Together create a bright future!”

  • 2013

    (1)In Asia, by reaching a Cooperation Agreement with Indian PALLAVA Company on joint development of Tan Brown quarry, Best Cheer has entered the Indian mining market with bright future.

    (2)In mainland China, Best Cheer completed the purchase of Singaporean Chen Chang Brothers Stone (Shanghai) CO. Ltd, and consolidated Best Cheer’s lead in manufacturing and product service capabilities in Eastern region of China.

    (3)Best Cheer entered a strategic cooperation with TINO Company, Spain, and continued to improve its technological advantages in stone surface processing and treatment, and also brand establishment.

    (4)In the end of the year 2013, Best Cheer Environmental Technology Development Co. Ltd we established in Shandong province, which utilized advanced technologies and transformed mining wastage materials into a reusable stone product line, effectively reducing environmental impact of the stone industry.

  • 2012

    Marked a new era, with 20 years of professional experience in global stone sourcing and integration under its belt, Best Cheer made the strategic decision and launched into domestic home interiors decoration market, by providing customers with high-quality products and exceptional home improvement experience.

  • 2011

    By purchasing Tian Biao Building Materials Co.,Ltd, TianJin Best Cheer Stone Co., Ltd became operational, which was also the largest stone processing center in Northern China, while accomplished Best Cheer’s strategic North-to-South layout.

  • 2010

    Best Cheer Africa Stone Co. Ltd., was established with the acquisitions of dozens of quarries in NAMIBIA where new stone materials were successfully introduced to the market, such as African PersaOxford GoldNamib SkyNamib WhiteNamib FantasySodalite BlueSage BrushTropical GoldNamib RedNamib GoldAfrican BordeauxGolden CascadeNamib Green) etc., as well as expanding at least 4 brand new varieties of stones each year.

  • 2009

    Best Cheer Stone Inc. moved to its own property of 14 acres in Miraloma Ave., Anaheim.

  • 2008

    Set up in the city of RongCheng, ShanDong province, Best Cheer Stone Mining Machine Manufacturing Center was founded, specializing in research and development of mining machineries.

  • 2007

    Best Cheer Logistics Co. Ltd., on an area of 30Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, became the largest stone trading center in the world.

  • 2006

    (1) takeover of (BLUEPEARL) quarry in Norway; 

    (2) SiChuan MiYi YuTian Mining Co., Ltd. was established along with the buyout of 3 local quarries and one processing plant;

    (3) ChengDe ZhongLei Stone Co. Ltd., was set up with purchasing 3 quarries and building of a stone processing facility in the region.

  • 2005

    BEST CHEER STONE INC. in Los Angeles, CA, USA, was established and completed its sales and marketing system in America from East coast to West Coast.

  • 2004

    Best Cheer acquired a 168-acre property fromGeorgia Granite USA located inElberton,GAand established its first office and warehouse of stone products on the east coast in America.

  • 2003

    The purchase of its very first quarry overseas,(Solar White)andROWAN GRANITE,in USA, successfully marked a big leap forward with internalization of Best Cheer’s operations.

  • 2001

    The acquisition of Hong Kong Perfect Marble Co., Ltd., a company with profound history in stone business, further improved Best Cheer's lead in marble and granite fabrication, and also opened itself up to supplying, manufacturing, installation and product services of marble and granite business abroad.

  • 1999

    1999Best Cheer (Xiamen) was established by acquisition a granite factory in Xiamen, mainly engaged in granite fabrication, by which Best Cheer included granite processing into its fabrication system.

  • 1998

    (1)by the acquisition of ShanDong RongCheng Zhong Lei Stone Co. Ltd as well as3local quarries, Best Cheer Stone Group officially led its way into the field of granite mining and manufacturing.

    (2)Yu Tian Stone (Shenzhen) Ltd was set up, by adopting advanced Japanese marble processing and management model, signaled the beginning of Best Cheer’s own imported marble fabrication system.

  • 1997

    Best Cheer (Shanghai) Ltd was formed and started developing imported stone wholesale and fabrication business in eastern part of China.

  • 1996

    Best Cheer (Beijing) was established for engaging in wholesale business of imported stones in northern China.

  • 1994

    Best Cheer Stone Group was formally founded in Hong Kong, with business dealings in marble and granite slab imports from Europe, and later expanded its operations into mainland, China.